Welcome to Trip’n Touille guesthouse

  • On April 1st, 2018 we left France with a backpack and hopes of meeting people that make the world a better place. During this journey, we soaked up some new dialects as well as local traditions, fragrances and colours. We experienced optimistic lifestyles, wholehearted hospitality and built bridges through the magic of cuisine when we didn’t speak a common language.

    Here we are, 3 years later, settling down in Plainchassagne in Southern Burgundy. This little hamlet from Saône-et-Loire overlooks the villages Vendenesse-les-Charolles and Viry and you can discover a bucolic view on hilly fields with “bocage”, their typical low hedge. In the sunrise you will be met by the wonderful white cows, their heads peeking out of the mist, near ancient oaks and mossy rocks. At sunset, light embraces stone walls as the wind pushes the hot-air-balloons.

    In this setting, we are breathing new life into a dormant house with the wish to welcome you to our Guesthouse. We love to cook Burgundy recipes with added spices from our travels. We chat in the garden where the seeds we gathered around the world are quietly growing. We transform harvests into homemade jams and chutneys with a pinch of the same spices. We invite you to stop over in this calm and quiet atmosphere to share a moment of life.

    Julie & Sylvain